Saturday, August 8, 2015


It's a beautiful August Saturday, and the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers is here with our latest and not so beautiful challenge! U is for Ugly — pull out the ugliest patterned paper you have and turn it into something! We're all about helping you get the most out of your supplies. 
Those of you not a part of this cult hobby may wonder why anyone would end up owning ugly paper! There are several reasons...

  1. Buying a pad of patterned paper that you like doesn't necessarily mean you'll like every. single. page.
  2. Sometimes you win paper that you might not necessarily choose for yourself. 
  3. It was SUCH a good deal! 
My project today results from door #3. I was new to the world of patterned paper pads — I think I owned two. When I was placing an online order, Cosmo Cricket's Clementine pad was clearing, so I of course popped it into my order. And while it's not UGLY ugly, it's definitely not my style. 
Of course, once I picked the paper, I hit a creative brick wall. How does one make something when one doesn't like the components? Finally, I just went with something that was as outside of my usual style as the paper is. ;) 

My tag is... okay. The greens and oranges? Not really my colours. Flower embellishment? Not really me. (What a coincidence! I used these same flower dies last year for a similar challenge.) If I happen to sew or knit up a gift anytime in the near future, I now have the perfect gift tag. And I used up a little of the paper! 
Come and see all the delights of everyone's ugly paper projects, including our returning Queen of Snark, Stef! I hope you'll consider joining us... if nothing else, you'll be ridding your craft stash of unwanted paper! 

Supplies: manila tag, Stampin' Up very vanilla cardstock, Cosmo Cricket Clementine patterned paper, Unity Mix-up of Cuteness stamp, Memento morocco ink, Spellbinders carnation creations dies, orange Divine Twine, scrap green ribbon

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Dotty Jo said...

You guys are so funny! Jo x

Leslie Hanna said...

I agree: ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I say this because Clementine is one of my favorite paper packs! You can still be my friend, though.

And yeah, it's tough making a card when you don't like the components. You did well!

Donna said...

This is all kinds of retro awesomeness! The ugly paper works perfectly, the green and orange together! I need to make more tags, yours is fab sistah!

Chelle (PhotoArt/MaybeCreative) said...

Well anything with Orange looks great but I like what you said about how you end up with Ugly paper...add #4 work on a design team and you have to work with the paper that is given...don't always like it and at the end of the month it is gone.LOL

Barbara Godden said...

I love lime green an use it every chance I can, not so with orange. Awesome job on the tag.

Carol L said...

Oddly enough, this tag would be the perfect addition to a gift for someone who does a lot of their own sewing! You did a fantastic job with your "ugly" paper and the color combination works! You did this challenge proud :)

Becca Cruger said...

It's so funny because I REALLY like the orange and the greens together, combined with those vintage elements. I think this is uber cool!

Jen W. said...

I cringe to think of the number of hideous supplies I've bought because they were on sale. Despite your feeling on the colours and embellishments they came together well and it is a cute little tag!