Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en!

Something homemade of a different kind:

As you can see: 1) I decorate cookies sort of the same way I make cards -- simple is good!
                       2) I'm not getting a job as a food stylist any time soon
Have a safe and fun Hallowe'en!
P.S. Please come back on Wednesday... I'm going to be starting a month-long guest designer gig!  Pin It Now!


Savannah O'Gwynn said...

These look FABULOUS! and SUPER YUMMY! I think you could get a job as a food stylist:)

I can't wait to see where you will be Guest Designing!! HOOOOORAY:)

Angela said...

Mmmm...cookies. They look great! I never decorate mine at all, because piping bags and I are not exactly friends in the precision department :)

Happy Halloweenie!

marilynprestonn said...

I want to make cookies like that too Lindsey! Wow, this is going to be such a great treat for kids. Save one of each for me, I'm coming over for a treat!


Happy Halloween to you too!

Jen W. said...

Yum yummy yum! What flavour are they? They look awesome! And can't wait to see where you're gonna be GD! Whoop whoop!

Wendy ten Hove said...

Oh, ha ha, just look at these!! These are soo much fun!! We don't celebrate Halloween here, but how I wish we would with coockies like those, hi hi!
Hope you are also all better, migraines are terrible... So sorry they bother you sometimes as well!
Hugs, Wendy

Karin said...

I think these cookies look great! Better than the cake that I made for Halloween...Let's just say there is no photo of that! Hope you had a great day :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yum, and they look so sweet. I can't decorate worth a darn. But as long as they taste good that is all I care about.

Emily Leiphart said...

Mmm, oh my, do those ever look good! Now I want to bake more cookies. ;D

Jocelyn Olson said...

LOL! You crack me up. You were a baking fiend!