Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Who, Me?

The sweet and very talented Emily has generously awarded me with this:

Emily's blog, ArtFromtheHeart, stylish? Check. Mine? Um, not so much. Well, it's a stylish background, I suppose (thank you, Blogger). And the g's in the title? They're quite stylin'. So, I will graciously accept. ;)
In accepting this honour, I have to share eight things about me. Hmmmm...
  1. I am extremely left-handed. (Yes, handedness comes in degrees.) The only thing I do with that other hand is wield scissors, which, come to think of it, may help explain why my fine cutting skills occasionally leave something to be desired.
  2. Favourite author: Charles Dickens.
  3. Cary Grant = swoon. Has since the first time I saw To Catch a Thief when I was maybe seven.
  4. Favourite musical: Sweeney Todd. Stephen Sondheim is a genius wordsmith.
  5. Favourite movie: Holiday. See #3 above.
  6. Book I'm currently reading: Beautiful Lie the Dead by Barbara Fradkin.
  7. Favourite colour: red.
  8. I'm not fond of having my picture taken. (What, you guessed that from my avatar?)
I also have to pass this award on to eight deserving bloggers. This is tricky; I'm so new at this blogging business, most of my recipients will likely go, "What? Who?" And I'm sure some will have received this same award before. But award it I will! (In no particular order...)
  1. Angela @ Paper Cupboard
  2. Meg @ Corgi Creations
  3. Donelda @ Wiggy's World
  4. Julie Ranae @ Julie's Open Window
  5. Cheryl @ CAFE Expressions
  6. Lisa @ Dahlhouse Designs
  7. Michelle @ Freedom in Creating
  8. Heather @ Bits & Pieces
Now I just have to let these stylish people know...
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Emily Leiphart said...

How can you not be fond of photos? Your Amber Ink baby photo means you could only be beautiful! I loved getting to know you better, Lindsey! You sure know how to make me laugh. ;)

Meg said...

Aw, you are just the sweetest!! Thanks for passing the award on to me! :)

And I think any blog that has penguins waddling around aimless is just the utmost in style!!

Donelda said...

Thank you so much for the award! I am touched, that is so sweet of you! And, I am so excited to see you have a blog now. I had looked a while ago and you did not have one ... so now I can drop in and visit your blog to see your beautiful creations!! Yeah!!

Angela said...

Thanks, Linds! And I'm with you on the "who the heck can I give this to?" business as well...but I'll work it out :)

Also, Sweeney Todd rocks. Dickens too. And definitely aimless penguins. Nice taste! Definitely stylish.

Heather T said...

Thank you very much Lindsey, I was reading Donelda's blog and followed the link to see who had awarded her the Stylish Blog award only to find my own name on your list. What an honour, I do appreciate your encouragement. I should really play by the rules and share some facts now!

Karin said...

Hey, Cary Grant is my favorite too and my favorite movie is The Philadelphia Story :) Sigh. There will never be another Cary...