Monday, August 25, 2014

A Unique Blog Hop

My turn to participate in A Unique Blog Hop. I was tagged by Chris of Chrispy's Creations. (You can see her post here.) This blog hop is a way to get to know your friendly blogging crafter a little bit better! Now if you've ever noticed the title of my blog, you'll realize that this might not be my first choice of things to do... but Chris asked SO nicely -- not to mention more than once -- how could I refuse? 
I *met* Chris when I joined the design team at the late lamented Drunken Stampers challenge blog. We have both since migrated to our current shared team, the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers, where we have a great time being snarky in the friendliest manner imaginable. Chris is everything you might look for in an adopted sister -- fun and funny, quick to laugh but also quick to empathize and offer a friendly shoulder. Some day I'll just show up on her doorstep, or she on mine, and I'm sure we'll start yakking like we've known each other for years. ;) 
And now... on to the blog hop questions! 
How did you get started?
Well, there usually needs to be two people, then... oh, how did I get started crafting. I have loved paper in all forms as long as I can remember. For drawing, folding, cutting, layering. So I have long had selections of pretty papers of different types in my life. When I started teaching, I liked to add stickers or stamps to students' work, so started to collect a few rubber stamps and ink pads. But then! On a little expedition one weekend, we went into a rubber stamp store in Port Carling, Ontario. (The store is long gone, alas.) The store owner introduced me to the magic of HEAT EMBOSSING! I have never looked back. Splitcoast Stampers helped me refine my design and style, as did crafty friends I started to get to know through that site or by following blogs. A few of those new friends encouraged me to start this little blog of my own -- hard to believe, but it will be four years come December! 
What are you working on?
August is a month of family birthdays, so a lot of birthday cards and tags have been made over the past few weeks. I was also fortunate enough to win a spot in the new online card class, Stretch Your Stamps 2, so have been working through the lessons whenever I can. And of course, every two weeks I have a project to make and blog about for the Snarky Sisters challenge.
Here are a few of my most recent creations, not yet blogged...

How does your work differ from others?
I don't think I have a particularly unique style... I tend to be a clean and simple (CAS) stamper, without too many layers or embellishments. Often cute or whimsical, with the occasional attempt at classy or elegant. And then of course, for Snarky Stampers, I often aim for subtle snark, my favourite kind. 

What do you create?
Mostly cards, with some tags (especially at Christmas) and the occasional gift bag or box. No scrapbooking here! :)
What does your crafty space look like?
Well. I've never been a desk person. So while I have a fine desk that would be perfect for crafting -- where I do most of my work looks remarkably like our dining room table or the family room floor. With the occasional wander into the kitchen, where I like to do my heat embossing. (I think that's left over from when I started, and heated the embossing powder over the toaster.) The kitchen's also a handy place to clean my stamps. So my desk is the perfect place to keep some of the tools of the trade:

On the desk are my Cuttlebug along with dies and embossing folders, paper cutter, scoring board and envelope maker. And if you look carefully, you'll see Edna, our Snarky Stamper mascot! To the left of the desk is a storage cube with markers and pens on top, and drawers for twine, washi and ribbon. To the left of the photo are shelves holding my stamps and embellishments, while to the right there is storage for inks, paints, etc. and a rack for twelve by twelve papers and coloured cardstock. Across the room I have more shelves for white cardstock, paper pads and various other odds and ends. 
Since my supplies are all in the basement, and I craft on the main floor, I have turned stamping into a remarkably healthy hobby. ;)
Now it's my turn to tag a few fellow stampers -- but a lot of my friends have either already participated or are just too busy at this start-of-school season. Luckily, my incredibly talented and sweet friend Jocelyn has agreed to play along! Her blog, Red Balloon Cards, is a constant source of inspiration. She's asked for an extra week, so you'll see her blog hop post in two weeks on September 8th. 

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Chris D. said...

I'm soooo glad that you played along with this blog hop! Loved to find out a bit more about you and your little crafty nook! (I spotted Edna right off! LOL!) Your yet-to-be-blogged creations are absolutely gorgeous, and can't wait to read about them! ((Hugs!!))

Jocelyn Olson said...

Yeah! I loved reading your post, Lindsey. I LOL'd at your response to the first question. Actually, I laughed pretty much the entire way through--I love your sense of humor. I'm excited to be in your lineage. Now that sounds strange... *hugs*

Anonymous said...

So nice to read a bit more about you and your crafting habits ;)I always enjoy coming here to see what you have been creating.

I find it hard to define my style too; it depends on how I feel. I like the term "subtle snark" though!

Jessi Fogan said...

How did you get started? lol! When a mommy and daddy...still chuckling :)
I'm loving all the new stuff I see there - I have to pull out the woofers & tweeters set again! And EDNA! I had to embiggen to see her. Not enough coffee yet :)

Lisa Arana said...

Oh goodness, I so loved reading how you got started! Lol. I enjoyed your entire post actually. Thanks for the glimpse into the life of Lindsey! :)

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Thank you for sharing, it was very nice to learn more about you and to see your lovely crafty place.

Warm hugs

Darnell J Knauss said...

You heat embossed your powder using the TOASTER??? Girl, you have my undying respect!! Where there's a will there's a way! I really enjoyed your interview and getting to know you better, Lindsey!! Thank you for sharing about yourself and your space!! Hugs, Darnell

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, so funny! It's always a treat to read your posts but my favourite part was seeing your crafty space! :D